Ingrid Mulder


is an expert in transformative and social design. As an Associate Professor of Design Techniques at Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering and director of the Delft Design Lab Participatory City Making, she studies the city as a space for transition while experimenting with participatory techniques and systemic design approaches for scaling and infrastructuring social change. She has a background in policy and organization sciences (MA, University of Tilburg) and educational science and technology (Ph.D., University of Twente), and started her research career anticipating future technologies impacting society within the national Top Technology Institute on Telematics. As part of her previous readership in digital social innovation, she founded Creating010, a trans-disciplinary design-inclusive research centre enabling collaborative futuresmaking in Rotterdam.


Last update: September 2020


Articles published on IXD&A:


• Developing a Design Inquiry Method for Data Exploration, N. 45, pp. 180 - 206,  abstractdownload


• Hacking the hackathon format to empower citizens in outsmarting “smart” cities, N. 43, 2019, pp. 8 - 29, abstractdownload


• A pedagogical framework and a transdisciplinary design approach to innovate HCI education, N.27, 2015, pp 115 - 128, abstractdownload