Maka Eradze


is a doctoral candidate at the School of Digital Technologies, Tallinn University, Estonia. Her doctoral research focuses on the development of learning analytics model for lesson observations for evidence-based educational practices and the design of the tablet application that implements and validates the model. Her research interests include: multimodal-learning analytics, learning design, new pedagogies, learning analytics, MOOCs, classroom observations, evidence-based educational practices. She has published multiple conference papers, articles and book chapters in peer-reviewed journals and books.  She is a program board member and reviewer at several international scientific conferences and journals. She has experience in technology-enhanced learning and innovation management from different perspectives and capacities in different countries - eLearning coordinator, training manager/change agent, and research fellow.



Articles published on IXD&A:


Semantically Annotated Lesson observation Data in Learning Analytics Datasets: a Reference Model, N.33, 2017, pp. 75-91, abstractdownload