Peter Purgathofer



is Associate Professor at TU Wien. His work is centred on the question of reconcilability between design and software engineering in the software development process. He follows interdisciplinary research approaches from informatics, art, design and the social sciences. He is currently head of the Human-Computer Interaction group, and principal researcher in many projects focused on the application of insights from design research and design theory on technology development.


Last update: November 2019


Articles published on IXD&A:


• Involving Students in the Co-Creation of a Complex, Evolving Learning Environment, N. 42, pp. 70 - 92,  abstractdownload


• Game mechanics to further engagement with physical activity, N. 36, pp. 43 - 57, abstractdownload


• Exploring the use of peer review in large university courses, N.25, pp. 21 - 38, abstractdownload