Ingrid Mulder


is Associate Professor of Design Techniques at Delft University of Technology. Her expertise is in transformative and social design. As part of her previous readership at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, she has initiated the first Fablab in Rotterdam as well as the Rotterdam Open Data movement. She also founded Creating010, a trans-disciplinary design-inclusive research centre enabling citizens, students, and creative industry making the future of Rotterdam. Since 2007 she chairs the research program Meaningful Design in the Connected City, which connects research and education in both Delft and Rotterdam. Her background is in Policy and Organization Sciences (MA, University of Tilburg) and Educational Sciences and Technology (PhD, University of Twente). 


Last update: January 2016


Articles published on IXD&A:


A pedagogical framework and a transdisciplinary design approach to innovate HCI education, pp 115 - 128, abstractdownload