LĂșcia Pombo


is an Invited Scientist at the Department of Education and Psychology of the University of Aveiro (Portugal), as Coordinator of the EduPARK Project. She is also one of the 4 Members of the Coordinating Commission of “Didactics and Technology in Teacher Education” Research Unit/ CIDTFF, which involves 117 integrated researchers. She holds 2 PhDs: in Biology and in Education. She also has a MSc in Costal Zones Sciences and a graduation in Biology. Her research interests are related to the Integration of Technologies in Education in Sciences, namely Learning Powered by Mobile Devices, Augment Reality and Gamification. 


last update: February 2018

Articles published on IXD&A: 

Moving learning into a smart urban park: students' perceptions of the Augmented Reality EduPARK mobile game, N. 35, 2017, pp. 117 - 134, abstractdownload