Naemi Luckner


is a research assistant and PhD student at TU Wien. At the Human Computer Interaction group, her research focus is on game design, electronically enhanced learning and technology for older adults. She has contributed work to various projects in these fields, such as ‘Aurora’, a technology enhanced learning project; ‘Give&Take’, a project about skill and knowledge exchange; or 'Mirror' a project to support engagement in physiotherapeutic exercises. Naemi Luckner is also a game designer and has worked with the independent game studio All Civilized Planets.



Last update: November 2018


Articles published on IXD&A:

• Game mechanics to further engagement with physical activity, N. 36, pp. 43 - 57, abstractdownload


• Setting up and Running a Sharing Service: an Organisational Perspective, N. 24, pp. 63 - 80, abstractdownload


• Exploring the use of peer review in large university courses, N.25, pp. 21 - 38, abstractdownload